I was a participant in the Program. I was killed by Kazuo Kiriyama because I trusted him. In retrospect, bad idea. Anyway, ask me anything, if there's anything to be asked.

26th March 2014


Anonymous asked: Im having an egg salad and couldnt help but think of you <3333


23rd March 2014


Anonymous asked: omfg we saw you at KFC today

I haven’t been inside a KFC in seven years, you must have me confused with some other handsome devil.

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18th February 2014

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((Yo, I am once again without internet at home - I come to you hailing from school at the moment - so until further notice, this is gonna be sorta inactive. I know I use the I-don’t-have-internet-at-home excuse a lot, but that’s because it happens A LOT. ”But T.J., you’re inactive a lot even when you do have internet.” …Yeah, well, fuck you. So though I do see the asks and whatnot, I’m holding off answering them until I can get online at home again. I can get on Facebook on my mobile still, but that’s about it, so if you need to get a hold of me for whatever reason, go there.))

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29th January 2014


ryuheisasagawa asked: Midget, we're goin' out f' drinks now that I'm fuckin' FREE! Oh, an' me an' th' guys were gonna go out drinkin' t'gether sometime, s' yer comin' out then 'n all, no backsies!!

Let’s get crazy!

24th January 2014

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24th January 2014

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Anonymous asked: Tell us how you joined the Kiriyama Family oh mighty fabulous magical midget

Well, we’ve all been friends for a long time, so it just kinda happened. One day one of us was like “hey, we should be a gang or something”, and then the rest of us were like “yeah” or something. I think. Nothing really happened though, we just call ourselves a gang now. I think the only thing that actually changed was that. It’s nice cuz now we don’t have to be all “do you wanna hang out with me, Mitsuru, Kazuo and Sho, Ryuhei?”, we can just be all “do you wanna hang out with the gang, Ryuhei?” It cuts word use by like 3 words or something. Anyway, I think that’s it, nothing special about it. I am still pushing for matching Letterman’s jackets, though.

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23rd January 2014

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ryuheisasagawa asked: TIMMEH


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21st January 2014


ryuheisasagawa said: Yeah, I’ma be a LOT longer than that, man… Not really prison or nuthin’, but kinda hidin’ from fuckers that sure as fuck can rise ABOVE prison… Sounds scarier than it actually is, haha! But whatevs, I’m hopin’ it t’ be like a week!

Sounds… confusing… Anyway, just hit me up whenever you out, dude!

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21st January 2014

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It’s a long fuckin’ story an’ I’ll tell yer when we meet up, but FUCK YEAH yer ain’ ‘ad a choice ‘nyways, s’ good, yer up f’ it!

I figured as much, asshole! 

I’m just wondering where you are so I know how long it’ll be. Like, are you at a day spa and I should get ready now cuz we go tonight, or are you in prison or something and you’ll be a little longer?

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21st January 2014


ask-hiroki-sugimura asked: Ha, thanks. I really owe him some credit too. He's a tough as nails motherfucker, you know.

Oh yeah, trust me, I know.

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